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Why choose Powder Coating for your project?

  • Unlike solvent based coatings (e.g. enamel paint), Powder Coating can produce film thickness of 60-300 microns on a single run. This is because powder coating retains a 100% solid content in its coat upon curing! In contrast, solvent based paints can only achieve 25-40% solid content. Attempting to produce one thick coat with enamel paint would result in runs, sags and solvent blisters while baking.
  • Covers edges and recessed areas more uniformly than solvent based paints. This is because powder coating uses an electrostatic spray system.
  • No defects such as pin holes or solvent blisters because there is no solvent to evaporate or boil away while baking.
  • Coats achieved through powder coating is durable, long lasting, weather proof, and have less defects!
  • Features such as anti skid, weather proof, anti graffiti, and others can be added into the coat!


Products that Sunny Metal can Powder Coat

  • All forms of metal products not exceeding the size of 3m (Width) by 3m (Height) x 5m (Depth) can be powder coated by us.
  • Products made of metals such as MILD STEEL, ALUMINIUM, STAINLESS STEEL can be powder coated by Sunny Metal. Products types include panels, structures, sheets, pipes, etc.


Documents required

  • Provide us with a color code, e.g. RAL code, Pantone code, for the color you need. (view gallery for examples) or,
  • Provide us with a sample with the color you need, or,
  • Choose from our standard catalogue of colors to minimize cost and time!


Why choose Sunny Metal for your coating project / product

  • Sunny Metal’s powder coating services provides clients with a wide array of choices in terms of color and texture (matt, glossy, smooth, coarse, rough, wood grain finish) , which means your products will always look unique and be functional at the same time.
  • Our high quality standards gives you a ease of mind in terms of coating defects.
  • Delivery of finished parts to your doorstep. Customers do not have to hire external logistics services for transportation of their parts. Especially useful service for projects with heavy or large parts.