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Laser Welding

Why choose laser welding for your project

  • Precise location welding of metals with high accuracy due to laser energy spot
  • Minimal distortion of base metals due to low heat transfer
  • Cavity and hole free welds
  • Pulsed cooling of laser at timed intervals creates a very small “heat affected zone”, which means minimal change to material composition and shape
  • Minimal to no grinding required after welding due to precise control of heat, speed and location
  • High reproducible of results once welding parameters are set


Popular products for laser welding

  • 3D Customized Metal Signages and Built Up Letters with complex profiles
  • Precision welding of joints where conventional welding is not applicable

Materials that we can Laser Weld

  • Thin sheet metals such as Stainless steel SS304, SS304L up to 2.0mm


Designs, drawings, documents required

  • CAD (Computer Assisted Drawings), *.dxf, *.dwg, or any image that shows what needs to be laser welded.


Why choose Sunny Metal for your laser cutting project

  • A one stop manufacturing centre which provides all kinds of metal fabrication services as well, such as color coating, laser cutting, bending and welding.
  • No additional set up cost. Sunny Metal provides quotations based on the length and time of engraving, so you can rest assure there are no hidden costs in the quotation process.
  • No additional cost on complex or intricate designs. As long as our cutting software is able to process your image’s outline, no costs will be incurred on your part. Once again, this is because we quote you base on the total cutting length and time taken.
  • Delivery of finished parts to your doorstep. Customers do not have to hire external logistics services for transportation of their parts.
  • Parts of High quality, high precision, and burr-free edges guaranteed.