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Metal Perforation

Why choose Perforated Panels for your project

  • Perforated panels provides a lightweight and aesthetic solution, especially for solar shading and cladding purposes, as it allows natural light and air to penetrate. Moreover, interesting patterns and designs can be created hence creating an exterior that is both aesthetic and functional at the same time.
  • Cost effective solution to breathe new life into old buildings as well as provide a uniform and aesthetic outer structure for exterior facades.
  • Using perforated panels in indoor places ensures that unwanted sound reflections can be efficiently absorbed and the reverberant noise that interferes with the required audio is reduced. Adequate absorption of unnecessary sounds is essential for providing an optimal acoustical experience in large halls and crowded places like classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, theatres and restaurants.


Materials that Sunny Metal can Perforate

  • Rectangular, square or round hollow Tubes and Pipes made of metals such as mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel.
  • Thickness can be up to 20mm (MILD STEEL), 6mm (ALUMINIUM), and 12mm (STAINLESS STEEL).
  • Sheet sizes up to 5’ x 10’ (1525 x 3050mm), tubes and pipes of length up to 3m.


Designs, drawings, documents required

  • CAD (Computer Assisted Drawings), *.dxf, *.dwg, illustrator files, or any image that shows the outline of the design that is required to be cut out.


Why choose Sunny Metal for your perforation project / product

  • No additional set up cost. Sunny Metal provides quotations based on the length and time of perforation, so you can rest assure there are no hidden costs in the quotation process.
  • No additional cost on complex or intricate designs. As long as our software is able to process your image’s outline, no costs will be incurred on your part. Once again, this is because we quote you base on the total cutting length and time taken.
  • Delivery of finished parts to your doorstep. Customers do not have to hire external logistics services for transportation of their parts. Especially useful service for projects with heavy or large parts.
  • Parts of High quality and high precision guaranteed.